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Saturday, May 20, 2006

"In my heart" by Molly Bang

I was so fortunate to be able to read the text of "In my heart" long before its 2006 release as a picturebook. Fortunate, not just for the privilege from Molly, but also because, at the time, Roo was only three years old, and just beginning what would add up to be two and a half years of daycare.

There must be countless blog entries on the minor morning heartbreak of the daycare drop-off, and the feeling of all put back together that comes with the afternoon pick-up. How many days did I go round that circle? Hundreds.

And early on came these words from Molly, that begin "In my heart":

"You know how every morning,
I put on my shoes and coat, kiss you good-bye,
And walk out the door?
Well just as I'm leaving, I feel something in my heart.
I look inside,
And what do you think I find?

You! Right here in my heart."

Roo and I memorized that the very night the story landed in my email. And the next day, during the ride home, I asked her where she'd been all day, and she didn't miss a beat: "Right in your heart, Mum!"

Now she is seven point five, and I can still ask her, whenever we've been apart, "And where were you? Where were you? and she answers: "In your heart Mum! I was in your heart the whole time."

Thank you, Molly.

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