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A grateful author thanks her reviewers

January 30, 2014

I actually meant round these up over Christmas, but I did more reading than writing over the holidays and it's taken until now to sit down for a really good gratitude moment. Just like in the days when I was writing Mimi Power, Daphne is in the bath and the kitchen table is a quiet place to be. Apart from me and my laptop, the kitchen table is the collecting place a sprawl of sparkle pens, a paper fortune-teller, a silvery blue Knot Genie, a Klutz kit for making Clay Charms, a Cursive Writing exercise book and a Grade 4 agenda with a reminder in it to bring home spelling words for practice tomorrow. There are also a few stuffies on the surrounding bench backs, some coloured stamp pads for fingerprint art and six little ceramic animals on the windowsill--part of my mother's collection from boxes of Red Rose tea thirty-odd years ago.
This would be a light load for our dinner table/craft station/homework centre. Stuff moves around, but it never really gets clean…

School Library review clip of Mimi Power

January 20, 2014

You can double-click on this image to read the cute review.

Mimi Power a 2014 Red Cedar Book Award finalist

January 6, 2014

Being a finalist alongside the likes of Gordon Korman, Karen Rivers, Marie-Louise Gay and other wonderful children's writers, it's easy to think: "Mimi Power, you have no chance." But then I remember how great it is just to be in such good company. 
Thank you, Red Cedar Awards, for everything you do to support books and inspire readers in British Columbia.