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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Have you read Magnifico yet? Maybe that's why you're here. Or maybe you were looking for a particular brand of pasta, and wound up here instead. Sorry, you can't eat this book, unless you make a steady diet of children's literature. Which I do, supplemented by chocolate and cheese.

The Magnifico at the heart of this blog is Magnifico by Victoria Miles (me); Fitzhenry and Whiteside; c. 2006. I hope you'll find it blogworthy. The thing about writing a book is, you spend all this time at a desk, and then it is months and months in production and finally out it comes and you want to talk about it because even though it's done, you're still having thoughts about it. There is some satisfaction, if not talking, to be typing.

And a book goes through stages, beginning its life in the marketplace, and you're along with it, reading the reviews, dreaming of screenplay possibilities, and how old you might be if it ever made it to the big screen, who you'd cast as Mariangela (and how far afield they'd have to look to find an eleven-year-old Italian-Canadian girl to play the accordion) what you'd wear to the Oscars, what you'd say to Oprah, what you'd wear to Oprah...

I'm only two paragraphs into this blog, and already wandering into the dressing room with an armful of ideas.

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