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The Smitten Kitchen

If you haven't done more with kale than pass it over in the produce aisle; if you've never spatzkoched a chicken or assembled a ratatouille sub, or if things have just gotten so downright dirty between you and your stove that you just want to kick all four elements to the curb… you may be overdue for a taste of The Smitten Kitchen. 
Based on her award-winning food blog, Deb Perelman's Smitten Kitchen is a down-to-earth place where there's never enough counter space, milk is measured by the "glug",  zucchini salad is the only solution for supper on a hot and humid New York night and a six-inch cake pan positively "brims with good intentions". Well, of course it does.
Flat-roast a chicken in 40 minutes? Shave asparagus for pizza? Put peaches in pancakes? When the chemistry is right, it's right as Perelman proves one recipe after another. Take heart then, a boost from The Smitten Kitchen and you might just fall in love with yours again, crappy old…