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Monday, October 27, 2008

Remember the feeling you had in school waiting for the cast list to come out, in the hopes you were on it? Or the posting of the honour roll? Making the first string of the basketball team? (I imagine this feels the same, but definitely can't say from experience). Well, when the 2008/09 Red Cedars were announced, that's how I felt. I've wistfully studied the annual Red Cedar poster for years now, hoping that Magnifico would share in the limelight one day. And it has!! I'm thrilled! Of course, the wonderful but dreaded "Cheese Pirates" have made an appearance as well. "Hamish X" won the Manitoba Young Readers Book Award, a well-deserved triumph, which nonetheless gave me my first experience with Magnifico in the truth that it's enough to be nominated. Same feeling with the outcome of the Chocolate Lily awards and Rocky Mountain Book Awards. Still, it's been a great ride for Magnifico, peaking with this year's Red Cedars--the fourth list of children's choice awards on which its appeared. It's great to be on the list with real imaginary Cheese Pirates and the other assorted characters created by this year's finalists. As a girl lugging her accordion through the streets of James Bay in Victoria, my Mum probably never dreamed that one day her story would be the inspiration for a book. She just wanted to make it to her lesson without getting hit by a rock.

I would go on, but the kids have discovered the hiding place of this year's Halloween candy and are making no attempts to hide the sounds of wrestling with packaging.

Thanks Red Cedar people! Thank you for what you do to get your recommended books in the hands of readers.

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hopeful md said...

I had no idea that Magnifico was based on your Mom!! Well done Vee. What a lovely way to honour her.